Grand Valley Climbing


Our Trainers…

Rob Pizem

Head Trainer

Rob Pizem has been rock climbing for 20 years. His passion is first ascents, bigwalls and coaching/training people through fitness plateaus. While not climbing rocks he is a husband and father of two boys. His sponsors are CAMP-USA, SCARPA, Arcteryx, Sterling Rope, Treadwall and The American Alpine Club.


 Cailin Goldstrom

  Climber Education Instructor

Cailin is GVC’s climber education instructor, teaching our Learn to Belay and Learn to Lead classes! She has been climbing for 6 years, is qualified as a PCIA Base-Managed Instructor, and loves playing outside. Originally from Ridgway, she relocated to the Valley for school. For the past 2 years, she has lead numerous rock and ice climbing, rafting, and backpacking trips across the western US with students from CMU!  Her favorite food is dutch oven Thanksgiving dinner and her favorite local climbing crag is either the Pool Wall in Ouray or Pup Tents outside of New Castle. Cailin loves to teach passionate students and can talk all day about everything climbing.