Grand Valley Climbing

About Us

Grand Valley climbing was created and conceived by Owner Dave Cummings with help from family and local friends. The building was constructed in the summer of 2014 and the first operational day of the company was September 5, 2014.

Our Mission our Goals

The goal of Grand Valley Climbing Inc. is to offer a fit, healthy, social, and fun lifestyle choice for the entire grand valley community. We have the opportunity to offer climbing, training, yoga, and kids programming in a high-quality, professionally organized facility. With this opportunity we hope to expand the community of climbers by giving new climbers a comfortable setting for being introduced into the sport and offering the established climbers a challenging and dynamic place to practice their craft. We will strive to create and offer the best possible service and programming for anyone who enters the gym in order to further the future of western slope climbing.


Our Team

David Cummings


Dave Cummings started climbing over 17 years ago and has always had a passion for sharing climbing with others.  He loves all forms of climbing from bouldering to big wall.  He spent some time guiding but decided after moving to Grand Junction, that the western slope needed a state of the art indoor climbing gym.  After years of work, Dave was able to open Grand Valley Climbing.  When he is not enjoying the outdoors or at the gym he is a father to two boys Benjamin and Alexander.

bio_tysonTyson Younger

General Manager

Tyson has lived in the mountains of Colorado and Alaska. He moved to Grand Junction Colorado in 2003 and never looked back. He discovered climbing in 2011 and it has quickly taken over his life. From the gym to to all day endeavors in the alpine, he loves it all. Most of all, Tyson enjoys sharing his knowledge of climbing so others can experience what he loves.

Lindsey Lohr

Yoga Program

Lindsey, a Texas transplant, moved to Grand Junction with her husband, Brett in September 2014. She was introduced to climbing while in college and spent her summers as a camp counselor and challenge course facilitator. In addition to climbing, hiking, and camping, Lindsey loves language and literature. (So you probably shouldn’t mention a book if you actually want to get any climbing done.)

Rob Pizem

Head Trainer

Rob Pizem has been rock climbing for 20 years. His passion is first ascents, bigwalls and coaching/training people through fitness plateaus. While not climbing rocks he is a husband and father of two boys. His sponsors are CAMP-USA, SCARPA, Arcteryx, Sterling Rope, Treadwall and The American Alpine Club.

Cailin Goldstrom

Climber Education

Cailin is a Colorado native raised in Ridgway, CO. Growing up in such a small mountain town flourished Cailin’s love for the outdoors. Besides climbing  at GVC and the local areas, she loves backpacking and mountain biking. Other than Grand Valley, Cailin holds a position as a trip leader at Colorado Mesa University’s Outdoor Program where she gets to share her passion for the outdoors with students of CMU. She moved to Grand Junction 3 years ago to begin work on her Biology degree in hopes of applying to PA school. 

11415519_1045029828842220_7947753122027182511_oLexi Pacarar

Group Coordinator

After living in the mountains of Colorado for nearly seven years, Lexi’s family decided to move to Grand Junction. Her dad first brought her climbing in Moab when she was around eight years old, and she absolutely loved it. With her three brothers and dad, Lexi often goes on hikes and camping trips throughout Colorado. Lexi is currently working towards finishing high school, planning her future, and trying to find more time for the outdoors.. 

Jeanine Camp

Team Coach

Jeanine has lived in Colorado for the past 20 years mostly in the Denver area.  She started climbing about 9 years ago after she came to the realization that you should never put off things that you really want to do because there may not be a later.   Soon after she started climbing she discovered that she loved to teach climbing and taught all age groups and abilities.  She has coached competitive climbing teams for the past 7 years traveling from coast to coast with her team.  Her philosophy is to build up not only the body but to foster strength of mind and an enduring team spirit. She has stayed in touch with many former team members and has enjoyed watching them succeed in college and work.  She is truly excited to live in the Grand Valley and to be part of the wonderful climbing community that is flourishing here.

Cody Abshear

Team Coach

Cody moved to Colorado over three decades ago and has never wanted to live anywhere else. He started climbing 20 years ago while attending college at CMU. He has always had a passion for the outdoors including climbing, camping, hiking and mountain biking. After pursuing a career and having a family, he has rediscovered his love for climbing. He is a wonderful husband and father of three boys, Cayden, Carson and Cameron whom are all on the climbing team. Cody absolutely enjoys introducing kids to climbing in the team environment and seeing their love for the sport blossom.

“I’m an old guy just trying to pass on the love for the sport.”